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Ski & Boardservice

Whether the edges on your skis need grinding and sharpening or your skis are just in need of some fresh wax – with our team of skilled service technicians using the latest technology in servicing you are able to bring your winter sport equipment back into shape. Our highly trained staff also pay particular attention to ensuring your safety and skiing or riding comfort when servicing your equipment.

Visit any one of our 6 Stores and let us advise you on the best service for you.

Binding Safety Test and Setting
The JETBOND binding adjustment device automatically determines the optimum setting at which the ski binding should be set. This contributes significantly to safety when on the slopes, and we highly recommend doing a binding check along with a ski or board service prior to every winter season.

Stage 1: Base Repair
Firstly the base will be thoroughly cleaned and any residue removed. Any scratches are filled and repaired.
IMG_4437 Stage 2: Base Grinding
Now the entire base is ground down in several steps to leave a clean and planed base.

IMG_4465 Stage 3: Structure
The base structure is essential in preventing friction between the base of the ski or board and the snow. Every different type of snow requires an individual base structure. By doing this your ski becomes faster and more maneuverable.
IMG_4483 Stage 4: Edge Sharpening
The edges are ground and sharpened to between 87 and 89 degrees. Our new Reichmann DTS-U Pro Tuning machine ensures your ski or board has the precise edge and perfect grip on the slopes.
IMG_4494 Stage 5/1: Conventional Waxing
The final step is the application of hot wax. This impregnates the base and improves the gliding capability of the ski or board on the snow.
IMG_4510 Stage 5/2: Infrared Waxing
Wax Future is the chosen waxing method of racers as it withstands the highest demands in use. The wax seeps deep into the pores of the base, resulting in better base maintenance and longer lasting gliding potential.
Ski Snowboard Jugenski
bis 150cm
unter 100cm
– Machine 5€ 5€ 3€ 3€
– Infrared
10€ 10€ 8€ /
Edging / Waxing (Machine)
22€ 26€ 15€ 13€
Edging / Waxing (Infrared)
27€ 31€ 20€ /
Base and edge grinding,
pre-grinding on the belt, structuring with the stone, tuning of the edges, waxing and final polish
Small Service (Machine)
26€ 29€ 16€ 13€
Small Service (Infrared)
31€ 34€ 21€ /
-Same as Edging / Waxing with repair work included
Boot Widening 10€
Binding Set/Adjustment 10€
Binding Mounting incl. Set/Adjustment
Touring Skin relayer/repair 25€