Connys Sport


Connys Fashion has always forged a personal path in the fashion industry.
For the last 35 years, we have emphasised quality and diversity. Labels such as Diesel,
Esprit, Armani and Boogie have been partners of ours from the beginning.
We decided from the beginning on that mainstream labels were not for us. The special quality
of our shop is it’s diversity,not uniformity of a single brand, but the best of what that brand has
to offer.Sense of trends, harmonious mix of colous, coordinated styles of the different lables
and many yeas of know-how, makes Connys stand out as it’s own band.
This ensures our customers enjoy a distinguished and refined selection in our stores.
Quality, design and production as well as sales aesthetics have and continue to be the most
important crtieria when we select the partners with which to work with.


Ladies’ Fashion Labels include:
Marc O’Polo, Meltin Pot, Kenny S, LTP, Element, Esprit, Buena Vista, EDC, Maloja

Gentlemen’s Fashion Labels include:
Alberto, No Excess, Fiver Jeans, Benson & Cherry, Element, Maloja, LTP, Prana