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Boot Fitting

Almost no piece of equipment is as important as the perfect fitting shoe. Personal advice and customisation are extremely important when buying ski boots. The fit and comfort of ski boots has been greatly improved in recent years. Today, you will find the perfectly matching boot for almost any foot.

With us, you receive a Fit Gurantee. This means one of our experienced boot fitters will work as long as it takes until your boot is the perfect fit for you.


Heating the ski boot
This allows the ski boot shell to be expanded at particular pressure point areas.

Grinding the ski boot
This allows our technicians to remove
material or adjust any problem areas


Tailored In-Sole’s


Stage 1: Foot Scan
Both feet are scanned into the computer system. The scan shows the print of your feet. This is of importance as it helps to find the correct boot model for you.


Stage 2: Analysis
Scans are analysed, any misalignments are adjusted, and any pressure points
are highlighted here allowing for the decision to be made whether an insole is required or not.

IMG_4579Stage 3: Heating
The thermo-formable insole is heated to the correct temperature for several minutes.


Stage 4: Customisation
By placing pressure on the heated insole, your individual footprint is then transferred to the insole.


Stage 5: Grinding
Grinding the side edges of the molded insole, means the insole is then the perfect fit for your ski boot.

IMG_4576 The finished product!
Having completed these 5 stages, your new insole is now the perfect fit, just for you.
Now nothing stands in the way of you enjoying a pain free ski day.