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Terms and Conditions

1.Terms of Contract

The rental contract is concluded exclusively between the booking customer and Connys Sport.
The rental contract is subject to the following terms and conditions:

2. Booking

The rental price is payable in full online and can be settled via a selection of payment methods. Prices are based on the „online booking prices“ found on the Connys website. The desired category of equipment chosen is reflected in the price.

Upon completion of the booking, the customer is required to confirm the correctness of the personal data given, to ensure the correct binding adjustment and setting is carried out. The customer is not permitted at any stage to change the binding setting carried out by Connys Sport. The booking is valid for the customer with proof of online payment and receipt of the booking confirmation. The booking is valid for the rental shop upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

3. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the booking is possible due to illness, accident or another similarly serious reason (e.g. death of close relatives or accompanying relatives). If the reason for cancellation is due to illness or similar, Connys Sport must receive medical certification or confirmation of this in writing or via email to

The cancellation fee is €15.- per person booked.

The overpaid amount minus the cancellation fee will be refunded in full to the customer. No refunds will be given if the winter sports equipment is collected by the customer later than the specified rental date, other than in a situation stipulated above. The same applies if the customer returns the ski and/or snowboard equipment to Connys Sport prior to the agreed rental return date. Unfavourable weather conditions or other disabilities beyond Connys Sport’s control, do not justify cancellation of the reservation by the customer.

In the case of injury or illness of the customer during the rental period, the following regulations shall apply upon presentation of a medical certificate:

a) A refund of the rental price is then possible, providing the rental equipment is returned immediately to Connys Sport upon occurrence of the injury or illness. In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged.

b) If the terms of item (a) are fulfilled, the remaining excess of the rental will be refunded from the date of issue of the medical certificate submitted by the customer. Without medical certification, no refund is possible.

c) As soon as Connys Sport is made aware of an event and the terms of items (a) and (b) are fulfilled, Connys Sport will transfer the overpaid funds directly to the customer.

4. Collection and return of equipment

The rental of equipment is carried out only with presentation of an official photo ID (e.g. Passport or Driving License), as well as confirmation of the booking. The customer must agree that a copy of said document is permitted to be made. All rental equipment can be collected the day before the first rental day from 4 pm onwards, from the respected rental shop.

The return of the ski and/or snowboard equipment must be made on the last day of the agreed rental period within business opening hours. In the case of prolonged use of the ski and/or snowboarding equipment, the difference between the reserved or paid rental period and that of the actual rental period will be calculated with the usual rental conditions and is payable directly in store.

If the rented sports equipment is however not returned on the stated due date, and no viable reason is given, after a period of three days the customer will receive a theft report of said items and a corresponding fee will then be charged. All rented sports equipment must be returned in good condition. Rented sporting equipment must be returned to the location where the goods were hired. When renting outside of Austria, Austrian law shall apply.

5. Exchange

A free of charge exchange of rented sports equipment is possible only once in the rental period and the new equipment must be of the same pre-booked category rating. If the desired sports equipment is of a higher category rating, the surcharge is to be paid by the customer according to the price list. No money will be refunded when converting to a lower category.

6. Use & Insurance

The customer is fully responsible for the rented sports equipment and can use it according to it’s functional capability. If for any reason the sports equipment has a defect, the rental shop will either endeavour to correct said defect or exchange the sports equipment. The customer must ensure that the sports equipment is stored safely and securely in order to prevent theft. Where possible skis should be stored in secure ski safes or alternatively stored separately from oneanother. Overnight, sports equipment should be stored either in a locked ski room at ones accommodation or in a locked vehicle.

The rented material is uninsured, insofar that no insurance policy is taken out by the customer. In the case of breakages or damage caused by improper use of the rental equipment, the customer is liable and must pay the corresponding costs.

In the case of theft, the customer must notify the relevant security authority and Connys Sport within 24 hours of it’s occurrence. If no insurance policy has been taken out, the customer is then financially responsible for covering the loss (A fair value is always sought). If an insurance policy has been taken, which will cover theft, the customer will be charged 20% of the original value of the goods.

7. Data Protection & Privacy

Personal data provided by the customer on this website, for online bookings or enquiries etc, will be processed in compliance with and is subject to the applicable National and European regulations (Data Protection). The customer therefore agrees to permanent storage and use of the given data for marketing purposes. This consent may be revoked at any time free of charge via email to

Connys Sport shall in every case protect the confidentiality of the data, and at no point will sell, rent or make it available to any third parties.

8. Legal

For all legal disputes in connection with or with regard to online reservations made via Connys Sport, Austrian law is applies exclusively and only the national courts in Austria are responsible. Connys Sport is not responsible for the content of this website. The court of jurisdiction is Rattenberg.